Best Middle Schools in Oak Hill, TN: Top Education Choices

Oak Hill, a small affluent city located just south of Nashville in Davidson County, Tennessee, is known for its excellent educational opportunities. While Oak Hill itself doesn’t have its own public school system, students in the area attend schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district or various private institutions. This article will explore some of the best middle school options available to Oak Hill residents, considering factors such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and overall learning environment.

The Best Middle Schools in Oak Hill TN

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Public School Options

Oakhill Elementary School, while primarily serving younger students, extends through 6th grade, which is typically considered the first year of middle school. For 7th and 8th grade, Oak Hill students generally attend John T. Moore Middle School or Oliver Middle School, both of which are part of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools system. Learn more Nashville, TN

  1. John T. Moore Middle School Located in the nearby Green Hills neighborhood, John T. Moore Middle School is a popular choice for Oak Hill families. The school consistently performs above the state average in standardized tests and offers a rigorous academic program. Some key features include:
  • Advanced academic programs and honors classes
  • Strong emphasis on STEM education
  • Diverse extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and arts programs
  • Active parent-teacher association

Oliver Middle School Another solid option in the Metro Nashville system, Oliver Middle School serves students from various neighborhoods, including Oak Hill. The school is known for:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that caters to diverse learning needs
  • Robust special education programs
  • Engaging after-school activities and clubs
  • Focus on character development and community service

Private School Options

Many Oak Hill families opt for private education, and the area boasts several excellent options for middle school students.

Ensworth School Ensworth is a prestigious private school that serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Its middle school program, for grades 5-8, is particularly strong. Key features include:

  • Small class sizes and personalized attention
  • Rigorous academic curriculum preparing students for high school and beyond
  • State-of-the-art facilities for academics, athletics, and the arts
  • Emphasis on character education and leadership development

Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) While primarily known for its high school program, MBA also offers a middle school division for boys in grades 7-8. The school is renowned for:

  • Challenging academic program with a classical education approach
  • Strong focus on character development and ethical leadership
  • Excellent athletic programs and facilities
  • Rich history and tradition dating back to 1867

Harpeth Hall School Harpeth Hall is an all-girls school serving grades 5-12, with a dedicated middle school program for grades 5-8. The school is recognized for:

  • Empowering young women through education and leadership opportunities
  • Innovative STEM programs and state-of-the-art technology integration
  • Comprehensive arts and athletics offerings
  • Supportive and nurturing learning environment

Franklin Road Academy (FRA) FRA is a coeducational private school serving pre-K through 12th grade, with a strong middle school program for grades 5-8. Notable aspects include:

  • Challenging college-preparatory curriculum
  • Christian values integrated into the educational experience
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities and sports
  • Emphasis on global awareness and community service

Lipscomb Academy Associated with Lipscomb University, Lipscomb Academy offers a comprehensive education from pre-K through 12th grade. Its middle school program stands out for:

  • Christ-centered education with a focus on spiritual growth
  • Strong academic preparation for high school and beyond
  • Variety of elective courses and extracurricular activities
  • Modern facilities and technology integration

Choosing the Right School

When selecting the best middle school for Oak Hill students, families should consider several factors:

  • Academic rigor: Look for schools with strong core curricula and opportunities for advanced learning.
  • Extracurricular offerings: Consider the variety of sports, arts, and clubs available to support well-rounded development.
  • School culture and values: Ensure the school’s philosophy aligns with your family’s beliefs and expectations.
  • Class size and individual attention: Smaller class sizes often allow for more personalized instruction.
  • High school preparation: Middle school should effectively prepare students for the challenges of high school and beyond.
  • Location and transportation: Consider the practicality of daily commutes to and from school.
  • Cost: For private schools, evaluate tuition and additional expenses against your family’s budget.


Oak Hill, TN, residents are fortunate to have access to several excellent middle school options, both public and private. Each school offers unique strengths and opportunities for students to grow academically, socially, and personally. By carefully considering the factors mentioned above and visiting potential schools, families can make an informed decision that best suits their child’s needs and aspirations. Ultimately, the best middle school for an Oak Hill student is one that provides a supportive, challenging, and enriching environment where they can thrive during these crucial years of development. Learn more about local community centers.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any public middle schools located directly in Oak Hill, TN?
A: No, Oak Hill doesn’t have its own public school system. Students typically attend schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, with John T. Moore Middle School and Oliver Middle School being common choices for 7th and 8th grades.

Q: What are the top-rated private middle schools near Oak Hill?
A: Some of the highest-rated private middle schools in the area include Ensworth School, Montgomery Bell Academy (for boys), Harpeth Hall School (for girls), Franklin Road Academy, and Lipscomb Academy.

Q: How do Oak Hill area middle schools compare academically to state averages?
A: Generally, both public and private middle schools serving Oak Hill students perform above the state average in standardized tests and academic achievements. However, it’s best to check the most recent data for specific schools you’re considering.

Q: Are there any specialized or magnet middle school programs available to Oak Hill students?
A: While not located in Oak Hill itself, the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district offers various magnet programs at the middle school level. These include programs focusing on STEM, arts, and international baccalaureate curricula. It’s advisable to check with the district for current offerings and admission requirements.

Q: What should we consider when choosing between public and private middle schools for our Oak Hill student?
A: Key factors to consider include academic rigor, extracurricular offerings, class sizes, school culture, location/commute, and cost. Public schools offer free education with diverse student bodies, while private schools often provide smaller class sizes and specialized programs but come with tuition costs. Visit schools, talk to current students and parents, and consider your child’s specific needs and interests to make the best decision.

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